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The brainchild of Bustin Pro Rider Will Royce.

Introducing the Ratarang: the newest offering for all you caped crusaders. We combined the Rocker and Elliptical W that has been making waves in some of our other recent decks, and added a touch of "rocker-offset" in order to bring the truck mounting back down to 0° to get true performance out of your trucks. Combine this with moderate wheel flares for more pockets than you can handle.

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top view Ratarang
ratarang deck image

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  • 3D Wheel Flares
  • Fully Symmetrical
  • Dual "Grom-killers"
  • Gentle Rocker
  • Rocker off-set flush mounting
  • 3D Wheel Flares
  • Deep CNC wheel wells
  • 8 ply maple
  • Race Stiff
  • Wheelbase options for days and days
  • Elliptical W-Concave

  • Length: 37.8
  • Width: 10" widest
  • WB: 23.4 – 30.5
  • Concave: .68" standing platform // .73" wheel flares // .1" W-cave
  • Rocker: .5"

The final step in prototyping found us mobbing hills so fast, we had to do anything we could to try and encourage others to yield right of way, que the dual tipped grom-killers, Ratman’s weapon of choice when it comes to clearing a fast, wildly rotating path.
ratarang longboard profile PIC
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