Downhill Racing Longboard Wheels

The RoYce premier downhill longboard wheels
Our Premier Formula longboard racing wheels have been a hit as an excellent downhill and freeride wheel both here in NYC and abroad. The new formula has a super high rebound and lots of long-lasting urethane, making them great for cruising and carving and sticking turns while still sliding predictably.

The "Royce" Premier came as a result of our top downhill rider, William Royce, requesting the same downhill longboard wheel characteristics of the original 70mm Premier but with the greater rolling momentum and speed of a 75mm longboard racing wheel. Due to Will's success on the downhill circuit and his undying devotion to Bustin Boards, it was only fitting that we dedicated the wheel to him, as we know he will be taking these through the finish line for years to come.

These wheels come with a wide 62mm contact patch, mildly offset with sharp inner and outer lips for intense grip through corners. The 75mm diameter make these excellent for rolling over faulty roads and reducing road vibration, and the weight of the wheel, while accelerating slower, keeps the wheel rolling for longer than its 70mm counterpart.
royce longboard racing wheels
$54 - The 82a formula are Will's go-to longboard racing wheels. Offering an outstanding grip-to-slip ratio for intense, controlled downhill action, these are downhill longboard wheels worthy of sporting Will's signature rasta colors. Race worthy for the best of riders. He swears by them, and that's good enough for us! -Longboard Downhill Wheels Usually Ship in 24
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$54 - The 78a formula downhill longboard wheels are designed for intense downhill grip around corners and soft, plush riding over city streets. This will be the longbaord racing or cruising wheel of choice for those who want a smoother, more comfortable ride, or are sweeping down hills with gnarly pavement. Great for cruising and downhill alike! -Usually Ships in 24
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