Surf-Rodz+ Bustin Collaboration
The brand new collaborative truck from Bustin and Surf Rodz! Your prayers have been answered and now these bad boys are available online! At $200 for a set, you can't go wrong with these. Comes with free bushings in the delicious 89a SZ urethane and 45* baseplates for a solid combination of turn when you need it, and stability for those high speed runs. Grab some today and exchange you cast RKP trucks and feel the difference that precision can make in your life. With no bushing hang-ups and total freedom of motion, your entire skateboarding world will be turned upside down.

RKP Surf-Rodz+ Bustin Collaboration Surf-Rodz+ Bustin Collaborationbuild a customSurf-Rodz+ Bustin Collaboration

The Surf-Rodz/Bustin INDeeSZ are a custom colorway collaborative project based off of the first 8mm axle design from Surf-Rodz. While the INDeeSZ are an excellent carving, sliding, and all-around thrashing truck, the Bustin skate family requires more optionSZ as skateboarding continues to evolve. The 45 degree Bustin/Surf-Rodz RKP is the answer for the high speed carving, downhill, and sliding needs of our riders. With the 8mm axle, it will fit all of your trusted name brand bearings (and the good ol' $10 Bustins as well). The 45 degree turning angle results in more lean and less turn than a standard 50-degree truck, allowing you to really dig in deep in fast turns and providing more stability at speed.
bustin longboard surfrods rkp
bustin longboard surfrods rkp

When choosing between the INDeeSZ and the RKP, consider your speed and type of riding you plan on doing. Most riders will start to get a little too twitchy over 40 mph on the INDeeSZ, while the RKP will handle those speeds with ease. For lower speed sliding, the INDeeSZ will be able to oversteer and initiate slides much more easily, while the RKP will slide out more slowly and with more control at higher speeds. If downhill racing is your bag, spend the extra bucks on the collaboration RKP, and you will be one happy speedstylin' downhiller.

The Surf-Rodz/Bustin RKP is 176mm wide and comes stock with Surf-Rodz medium blue barrel bushings. This will be sufficiently stable for most riders and a great stepping stone for dialing in your downhill setup. Heavier and/or more high-speed riders may look for harder bushings, but we found this setup to be the ideal starting point for mild downhill and sliding, and at $200 flat for a complete set of Surf-Rodz RKP's with bushings, ready to go out of the box, you won't find a better deal anywhere else online. Get it in with the Surf-Rodz/Bustin RKP collab trucks!

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