Nobach (E)Core™ 38"

Nobach (E)Core™ 38"
Nobach (E)Core™ 38"
Nobach (E)Core™ 38"
Nobach (E)Core™ 38"
Nobach (E)Core™ 38"
Nobach (E)Core™ 38"
Nobach (E)Core™ 38"
Nobach (E)Core™ 38" Nobach (E)Core™ 38" Nobach (E)Core™ 38" Nobach (E)Core™ 38" Nobach (E)Core™ 38" Nobach (E)Core™ 38" Nobach (E)Core™ 38"




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Nobach 38" (E)Core™
Introducing the much anticipated love-child of our previous-edition Nomad and Ibach models.  This marriage of design and engineering creates a board that can push to coast-to-coast while still getting loose on the hills.  Go for the Nobach if you're looking for a low-slung push-monster with a freeride friendly 0.66" w-cave platform.  

nobach longboard specs and sizes
Low-Down Commute:
  The Nobach combines a huge 1.0" inch "Response Drop" design with our high-rebound (E)Core™ construction for ultra-efficient pushing for miles and miles. 

Slide Easy:  With freeride in it's DNA, the Nobach is designed to maintain a locked-in chemistry with your feet and comfortably transition you into your high or low speed standies.

Made For The City:  Designed from the street up to be faster, more agile and more durable for skating in New York City.  Push faster, carve harder, last longer.

 nobach custom longboard builder

Interactive Customizer 3.0
Take full control of your design with our new interactive customizer.  Tune your graphic and setup to match the person under your headphones and see it from every angle live on your screen.

(E)Core™ Construction
After years of testing, we've created a LIGHTER, STRONGER skateboard with our new (E)Core™ construction process.  The new process melds skate-proven Canadian Maple with our proprietary, epoxy-based glues and reinforcement materials created in the Bustin Labs™.  In addition to being noticeable lighter, the new construction offers a more lively pop and that "brand-new board feel" for 4x longer than previous all-wood versions.

Design Overview
Built with our new (E)CORE™ construction, the Nobach is livelier, stronger and lighter than any of it’s predecessors (roughly 1/2 the weight of the 2017 Ibach deck 👀).  At 38” with a 29-29.75” wheelbase, the Nobach is primarily a push board like the Nomad, but with an increased torsional stiffness similar to the Ibach allowing for more speed and freeride range of skating.

nobach longboard side view


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