Sportster (E)Core™ 35"

Sportster (E)Core™ 35"






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Sportster 35" (E)Core™
In 2012 we conceptualized the first Sportster hybrid as a dedicated PUSH+FREERIDE board that could power you through your flats but get you effortlessly sideways through the steeps of your urban and suburban habitat.  Six years after it's debut, we've engineered our finest edition yet.

sportster longboard specs and sizes
Low-Down Commute:
  The new Sportster 35 (E)Core™ features our signature "Response Drop" design for ultra-low, ultra-efficient pushing across your city (or your state).  

Slide Easy:  With freeride in it's DNA, the Sportster 35" is designed to maintain a locked-in chemistry with your feet and comfortably transition you into your high or low speed standies.

City Mobbing:  For speed-weaving through a crowded landscape, there is no better option than the sportster.  Packing a comfortable 29"+ wheelbase into a 35" deck, the newest edition carries like a feather and handles like a german sports car.

Interactive Customizer 3.0
Take full control of your design with our new interactive customizer.  Tune your graphic and setup to match the person under your headphones and see it from every angle live on your screen.

(E)Core™ Construction
After years of testing, we've created a LIGHTER, STRONGER skateboard with our new (E)Core™ construction process.  The new process melds skate-proven Canadian Maple with our proprietary, epoxy-based glues and reinforcement materials created in the Bustin Labs™.  In addition to being noticeable lighter, the new construction offers a more lively pop and that "brand-new board feel" for 4x longer than previous all-wood versions.
sportster longboard ecore layup

Re-Design Overview
For this year’s overhaul, we’ve headed your feedback and stretched it out to a more accommodating 35” length while also increasing the drop to a push-perfect 0.6 inch depth. Laid up with our new (E)CORE™ premium construction, the new Sportster is 2/3 the weight of previous editions with increased torsional stiffness to create a more lively push/slide experience through the ups and downs of your daily push.

We’ve also updated the mold with a comfy new 0.63” progressive radial concave with wide 10” shoulders to assist with those effortless Sportster slides you’re used to.  Lighter, stronger, sexier and without a doubt the best iteration to date of our original Sportster concept.

sportster longboard side view

Sportster Customer Reviews
"I picked up one of your Sportster boards last year while on vacation in New York.  I was a beginner longboarder and told the guy at the store that I wanted to learn powerslides.  He recommended the Sportster and it has been truly awesome.  I recently upgraded to some Sniper LE' wheels and they are sick!  All the kids in my neighborhood are getting Bustins."  Davis from Harrisburg, PA.

"The Sportster has been hands down the best board I've ever owned; and I own alot.  I feel like I can do anything on this board from hills in my neighborhood to pushing to class.  Its so rad, thanks to everyone for my beautiful custom board."  James from Roanoke, VA.

"I don't know what I'd do without my Sportster in NYC.  Now that I've experienced the kick-push zen of skate-commuting, I can barely stomach the bus on rainy days.  There is a nice 1-mile incline from my street to the city limits and carving that stretch is the perfect wake-up activity to start my days.  Thanks guys, push-culture 4life!"  Jeff from Jersey City, NJ.

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