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Yoface (E)Core™ 34"

Yoface (E)Core™ 34"






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Yoface 34" (E)Core™
Our signature oversized skateboard features 3D concave to accommodate large wheels.  Designed to be the ultimate double-kick commuter, the Yoface 35" is also beloved as a bowl-rider, tech-slider and park-dabbler.

yoface longboard specs and sizes
#SkateEverything -
 The design intent of the Yoface is to create an over-sized skateboard that features all of the best functions of a street deck with added capabilities for various other disciplines.  Now on it's 7th edition design, the Yoface continues to be a fan favorite for riders around the world.

No More Loud Wheels - One of the most popular features of the Yoface is it's ability to run larger, softer wheels for faster, longer distance city skating.  The latest 3D concave design and generous wheel-wells allow you run a range of wheels up to 70mm.  Switch back to smaller hard wheels and you'll feel right at home in the park.  

Made For The Jungle - The Yoface is designed for our favorite concrete playground.  Like New York, it's made for all kinds.  If you're a hardcore rider who wants a board that can hit the park, run larger wheels in the city and occasionally handle some mild downhill/freeride, the Yoface is a good choice.  If you're not so hardcore but you're looking for a fun, comfortable board to skate to work and pop a curb here and there, the Yoface is also a good choice.  


Interactive Customizer 3.0
Take full control of your design with our new interactive customizer.  Tune your graphic and setup to match the person under your headphones and see it from every angle live on your screen.

(E)Core™ Construction
After years of testing, we've created a LIGHTER, STRONGER skateboard with our new (E)Core™ construction process.  The new process melds skate-proven Canadian Maple with our proprietary, epoxy-based glues and reinforcement materials created in the Bustin Labs™.  In addition to being noticeable lighter, the new construction offers a more lively pop and that "brand-new board feel" for 4x longer than previous all-wood versions.
yoface hybrid skateboard ecore layup

Re-Design Overview
The latest improvements to our Yoface deck are marked in the new (E)Core™ construction.  With a similar feel to previous editions, the (E)Core™ makeup adds strength and longevity.  The graphic and tips will still wear like a standard maple skateboard, but the pop will almost literally last forever.

yoface hybrid skateboard side view


Yoface Reviews

"I skated a lot when I was younger and I wanted to get back into it.  I was drawn to the Yoface at a surf shop on vacation and I decided to give it a try.  This board has brought back so many memories and helped me fully regain my confidence on a skateboard.  Thanks to everyone at Bustin!" Mark from Hagerstown, MD.

"I'm a bigger guy but I love to go to the new skate park in a neighboring town.  I setup my Yoface with some Bones ATF soft wheels and Indy 169 trucks and all I can say is wow!  I've never had so much fun and felt so comfortable on a board in and out of the skate park!"  Dillon from Grand Rapids, MI.

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