Sportster 'Elements' Complete Board
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Sportster 'Elements' Complete Board

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Sportster Complete w/ 2022 'Elements' Artwork
Hand-Printed:  Yes
Small-Batch Made: Yes
Production Lead-Time: 3-5 Days
Construction:  New T-Core (Teak/Bamboo/Maple/Fiberglass)
Finish:  Double Sealed Water-Based Lacquer
Grip: Wood-Burn Logo + Laser Grip
Trucks: Bustin R1™ 177mm
Wheels: Premier Formula™ 70mm 80a
Bearings: Customer Choice 


Low, efficient pushing meets your super slider potential.

Complete starting at $219


Deck starting at $119 // Complete starting at $244

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In 2012 we designed the first Sportster to be a lean, mean pushing machine with a singular focus on commuting faster and more efficiently.  The latest version holds true to that purpose, while adding new potential for big, effortless slides and mild downhill.

Push: ✯✯✯✯✯
Carve: ✯✯✯✯✯
Slide: ✯✯✯✯
Freestyle: ✯✯✯✯
Park: ✯✯
Downhill: ✯✯


Introducing the new T-Core lineup, our most durable and most comfortable board construction in our 20 year history.  The new construction features a blend of three wood species to create just the right performance where it matters.  (read more below)

T-Core Construction Details

A dampening Canadian Maple core pre-laminated with our proprietary epoxy glue gives a classic skateboard feel and extra long lasting pop and flex retention.  Flanking the maple core are two layers of vertically laminated 3mm bamboo which provide a lively pop and outer stiffness.  Beyond that are two full-length pretensioned fiberglass inserts running tail to tail.  These inserts minimize torsional flex for a better riding experience and keep the board strong and straight throughout its life. 

Last but not least, we’ve added our brand new MicroTeak™ Skin to the top and bottom of the board to provide unprecedented hardness, durability and moisture resistance.  The new technology features a thin layer of ultra-hard teak wood heat-melded with thousands of strands of extruded glass fibers and our signature (E)Core™ epoxy resin.The result is simply the best construction we’ve ever created here at the Bustin Labs.  The bamboo/maple/fiberglass core retains the board’s day-one feeling for years of riding and the new MicroTeak™ skin provides a new level of armor to protect your board as you slay your own concrete jungle.”


In 2012 we conceptualized the first Sportster hybrid as a dedicated PUSH+FREERIDE board that could power you through your flats but get you effortlessly sideways through the steeps of your urban and suburban habitat.  Six years after it's debut, we've engineered our finest edition yet.


You like a low-platform commuter:  The new Sportster 35 (T)Core™ features our signature "Response Drop" design for ultra-low, ultra-efficient pushing across your city (or your state).  

You want to learn how to slide:  With freeride in it's DNA, the Sportster 35" is designed to maintain a locked-in chemistry with your feet and comfortably transition you into your high or low speed standies.

You love a hard-carving board:  For speed-weaving through a crowded landscape, there is no better option than the sportster.  Packing a comfortable 29"+ wheelbase into a 35" deck, the newest edition carries like a feather and handles like a german sports car.