Pandemic Hoodie + Board Box
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Pandemic Hoodie + Board Box

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Each Pandemic Box Includes:

1 - Pandemic Hoodie (Black or Grey)
1 - Shadow Mask
1 - Bustin Skate Tool
1 - Mystery Deck or Complete Board

Box Options:
Pandemic Deck Box - $99 (Regularly up to $233) - includes a randomly selected deck from our lineup + pandemic hoodie, shadow mask and skate tool.

Pandemic Complete Box - $199 (Regularly up to $333) - includes a randomly selected complete from our lineup + pandemic hoodie, shadow mask and skate tool.

See All, Touch Nothing

Extended cuffs and thumbholes mean you will never touch a door handle again.

Quarantine Your Face

Over-lapping, over-sized neck wraps you up and keeps you under cover.

Clean & Classy

The best styles are subtle styles.  Matte black with minimal logo and color effects.

Protect Your Neck

The oversized neck helps camouflage your own safety mask or bandana underneath.

Comfort Under Push

Stretchable side material allows for fluid movement and comfort while skating.

Over-Built Everything

Oversized grommets and drawstrings plus double-stiched seams made for the abusive skater.


An over-sized, incognito hoodie to help you push through strange times.  Extended cuffs with thumbholes and an over-sized face design help keep you under wraps.  Over-built with heavy duty materials to withstand a true skate-everything lifestyle and designed with a flat-black minimalist design profile.

Small-Batch release available for a limited time.  Be safe out there Bustin Fam!

+ Shadow mask

Pair your Pandemic Hoodie with the Bustin Shadow Mask for full-on protection in any environment.