Yoface 'Bedstuy'
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Yoface 'Bedstuy'

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Yoface Complete w/ 'Bedstuy' Artwork
Availability:  Limited Release
Small-Batch Made: Yes
Finish:  Signed, Dated & Sealed
Grip: Wood-Burn Logo + Laser Grip
Trucks: Bustin™ Matte Black 152mm
Wheels: Premier Formula™ 66mm 78a

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The Yoface was designed to be a hybrid-function skateboard for those who ride traditional boards but wanted softer wheels, an easier push and the ability to speed/slide with ease.  This year we’ve tweaked the shape and mold to create our ‘easy-scoop’ tail, making it the easiest board you’ll ever ollie. 

With a slightly wider nose, you'll have more control in your front foot during pushing and popping, while the slimmer rear creates easier transitions for your push foot moving on and off of the board.  It also looks cool, if you like to look cool.


Soft wheels meet massive pop.

The Yoface is built using our battle-proven (E)Core™ construction.  Lighter, stronger and more lively thanks to a one-of-a-kind melding of skate-proven Canadian Maple with proprietary, epoxy-based glues and reinforcement materials developed in the Bustin Labs™.

Full Custom Program - Designed by you and shipped in about 5-days.

All of the goodness of your favorite skateboard with the ability to run bigger, softer wheels.

No matter what you're used to, you'll feel at home on your Yoface whether your hitting the park, zig-zagging around the city getting slideways on your local hills.  It's your world, skate it.


You like to skate everything:  The design intent of the Yoface is to create an over-sized skateboard that features all of the best functions of a street deck with added capabilities for various other disciplines.

You hate loud skate wheels:  The latest 3D concave design and generous wheel-wells allow you run a range of wheels up to 70mm.  Switch back to smaller hard wheels and you'll feel right at home in the park.  

You want to ollie higher:  Our signature easy-scoop tail makes it easier than ever to learn and elevate your pop game.

VIDEO INSPIRATION - Have some fun and get inspired to get creative with #TeamBustin.  Watch some of our favorite videos featuring the Yoface Board below...


Sit back and enjoy a classic with Bruno & Toti exploring China.


Join Joshtafari on an NYC-style exploration of the Yoface.


Bustin legend Nick Coolhands with a classic rundown of the Yoface.