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Blem Sale Decks

Blem Sale Decks

Blem decks are first quality boards with second quality graphics.  The "blem" is usually a scratched or smudged graphic that occurred during our custom printing process.  All blems are 100% cosmetic and DO NOT affect the ride or quality of the deck itself.

Blem Sale Prices per model:
Yoface $85 (reg. $100)
Maestro $130 (reg. $150)
Maestro Mini $130 (reg. $150)
Nobach $130 (reg. $150)
Sportster $130 (reg. $150)
RoycePRO $130 (reg. $150)
Daenseu $155 (reg. $175)
Shrike $130 (reg. $150)
Bonsai $85 (reg. $100)

Please note that graphics are random and imperfect.  The graphics shown in the photo are just examples of some of the decks in the blem sale, but actual graphics may include any of the graphics we offer on our small-batch boards and factory store.

All blem boards are ready to ride, including our laser-cut griptape and standard clear-coat finish.