Factory Setup - Yoface37" 'Godzilla' Sale

Factory Setup - Yoface37" 'Godzilla' Sale
Factory Setup - Yoface37" 'Godzilla' Sale
Factory Setup - Yoface37" 'Godzilla' Sale
Factory Setup - Yoface37" 'Godzilla' Sale Factory Setup - Yoface37" 'Godzilla' Sale Factory Setup - Yoface37" 'Godzilla' Sale

*SALE - $100 OFF thru 07/07 (updates in cart).

Includes  Bonsai (E)Core deck (griptape applied as shown)Signature Bustin Matte Black Trucks, Premier 70mm WheelsAbec-7 Bearings & hardware for assembly.

Please note:  all Factory Store Setups come unassembled unless the 'Assemble my board' option is selected.  We know that many of you like to assemble your own setups AND its a way for us to offer extra great deals in the Factory Store! [fist bump]

Yoface 37" (E)Core™
The newest member of our signature “Skate Everything” series, this extra large skateboard was designed to let you color out side of the traditional lines you’ve previously been confined to. The YoFace 37” draws from a traditional double kick skateboard shape but through its hybrid inspired design it caters perfectly to freeride, freestyle, as well as creative commutes through your local concrete jungle.

#SkateEverything - 
The design intent of the Yoface 37” was to keep up with the ever-evolving demands from today’s All Around skateboarder. There was a need for a board that could seamlessly blend all of our favorite riding styles without sacrificing any of their unique performance needs. The result is a shape which instantly has become a Team Bustin favorite across all spectrums of skating.

No Wrong Setup - There is no wrong way to skate so we believe there should be no wrong way to set up your board either. Whether its reverse kingpin or traditional trucks, it won’t matter because the YoFace 37” was made to maintain the same high level of performance regardless of which style trucks you have mounted. The familiar 3D wheel wells are also found on this model which will tailor to further customization of your ride by letting you comfortably fit up to 70mm wheels.

Conqueror All Concrete - From inclines to cross step lines, the streets are wide open to your personal interpretation thanks to this fully equipped double kick. The increased wheelbase offers stability for faster slides but also in turn creates a perfectly sized riding platform for today’s freestyle skater. A very mild rocker found between the inner bolts only helps to create an even more comfortable ride as well as makes this a dream city commuter.


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