Boombox Thermoglass - Beats Complete - Bustin Vault
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Boombox Thermoglass - Beats Complete - Bustin Vault

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Arguably our best Boombox ever, the 38" ThermoGlass edition has rocker concave with a 1/2" radial drop toward the trucks and the new "mean cave" (not as deep as tub) that ramps up gradually as it meets up with the radial to create a natural gas pedal. The Boombox ThermoGlass is responsive which makes this deck great for free-riding and freestyle fun. Sure, with the right setup, you could bomb a hill if you feel like it, but this deck is designed for the flippity-dippity kind of fun, and not the go fast and win a race kind of fun.

• 38" Long
• 9.75” Wide
• 25.5 - 27” WB
• Radial Double Drop Design
• 3ply ThermoGlass Construction
• Comes complete with Paris Trucks, 70mm Premier Wheels and Abec-9 Bearings.