The Longbeard - PsilocyDuckalope - Bustin Vault
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The Longbeard - PsilocyDuckalope - Bustin Vault

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The Bustin Boards x Wheelbase Magazine "The Longbeard" deck was designed by a team of pros for all those that have dreamed to ride the perfect longbeard. You can think of it as an oversized street longboard skateboard, so I guess you can call it a street longboard skateboard. This board has a super functional round kicktail and a scooped nose with a deep concave to help lock in the rider in while they are riding any discipline their heart desires. This board measures in at 42.5" long and 9.5" wide. With this board you can slide, hit up the park, dive into the pools, rip the ditches, mess around on the banks, and even fly around slalom cones. 


  • Length (in): 42
  • Width (in): 9.5
  • Varying Wheelbase: 24" & 25"
  • Griptape: Standard black; Applied by manufacturer