NFT:NYC - YoFace35 ( Current Edition ) - Bustin Vault
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NFT:NYC - YoFace35 ( Current Edition ) - Bustin Vault

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1OneOfOne1 - NFT:NYC Custom Vault graphic.


Notes from the artist - " This one speaks to the changing ways of the world where things no longer make sense at first glance, but as you dive deeper into the actuality of what is going on, you unravel the layers of the world we live in to find that all coincides together in harmony. Free your mind- free your soul- enter the metaverse, and ride Bustin.  " 

The Yoface was designed to be a hybrid-function skateboard for those who ride traditional boards but wanted softer wheels, an easier push and the ability to speed/slide with ease.  This year we’ve tweaked the shape and mold to create our ‘easy-scoop’ tail, making it the easiest board you’ll ever ollie. 

With a slightly wider nose, you'll have more control in your front foot during pushing and popping, while the slimmer rear creates easier transitions for your push foot moving on and off of the board.  It also looks cool, if you like to look cool.