Yoface39 - Dripset- Bustin Vault
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Yoface39 - Dripset- Bustin Vault

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The Yoface 39 is a shredder of all things shredable. This board perfectly aligns with the moon and the stars for all styles of riding. Whether it’s downhill, street, park, pools, freeride, or whatever, this board can skate it all. It's a double kick setup for maximum versatility. It’s 39 inches long, 9.5 inches wide, and has wheelbase options of 19-21 inches, giving you the perfect length ride. What really sets this board apart from the rest is the wheelbase options. They are perfect for either a reverse kingpin or a standard kingpin truck. For added versatility, the Yoface 39 has 3D wheel wells for ample clearance room to run larger wheels. 

• 39" Long
• 9.5” Wide
• 19-21" Wheelbase
• 6.8" Nose and Tail
• .38” Concave
• 3D Wheel Flares
• Through-Concave Kicktails