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New Design + (E)Core™

The fully re-engineered Maestro Series features a redesigned mold, shape and (E)Core™ construction.  An improved Push-Camber design assures rapid rebound as you power through the city, while the new ultra-low, micro-rocker design allows for effortless slides.

Push Further, Get Sideways Faster.

Why Ride A Maestro?

Faster Commute:  With our signature "Push Camber", the Maestro is designed for fast, efficient pushing through urban, suburban and campus terrains.  

Slide Friendly:  The new symmetrical, micro-rocker design allows for effortless slides and small/medium hill freeride.

Cruise & Carve:  From the Boardwalk to Broadway, the Maestro is the ultimate comfortable cruiser with a low platform, smooth flex and hard carving leverage.