Ceramic Built-In Bearings - Bustin Boards Co.™
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Ceramic Built-In Bearings - Bustin Boards Co.™

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Made from ceramic glass that’s stronger, lighter, and longer lasting than steel. More output for less input means more power.  Includes our 'Built-In' spacer which keeps your bearings (and wheels) straight for a more precise ride at any speed.
  • - Pre-lubricated with Skate Designed grease - developed in the lab to keep dirt out
  • - Removable inner and outer Shields - cleans easy, stays that way
  • - Stockage Shields - specifically designed to keep more grit out
  • - High-grade P5 Stainless Steel - only the best materials make the best bearings
  • - Full-Pipe Races - extended inner races meet in the middle of the wheel to perfect wheel alignment