We've worked together with Dualomo™ to make a limited number of the premium Hybrid X+ model boards available to Bustin family to Pre-Order & Reserve this holiday.

Meet the Dualomo™ Hybrid, the world’s first electric board that pushes, carves & pumps more like a traditional board while ALSO offering a high-performance electric mode that rivals any e-board on the market.  
Different From The Ground Up
We rode every brand-name electric board on the market and were left bored time after time.  None of them gave us the thrill of skateboarding.  They were slow, stiff, heavy and unresponsive;  and generally made us feel like we were standing on the hood of a riding lawnmower (what's the point).


We had a vision for something that was more lively, more practical and that felt more like the kind of skateboarding we do!  



The final edition is hand-crafted & assembled in the USA with components from the best brands in the industry!   We're proud and confident to work with awesome brands like DualomoParis TrucksFive-O Wheels and Samsung


The History of the Collaboration
When the Dualomo™ team initially approached us about collaborating on an electric skateboard we weren't interested.  We push with our feet, not our thumbs.


A few days later Ryan, our founder, woke up with a thought.  "The thing that sucks the most about electric skateboard is their lack of two things:  PUSH & PUMP.  What if we could add those  elements to make it feel like a genuine Bustin push board, but power up hills like a high-performance electric board?"


We circled back with the Dualomo team and pitched the idea.  A year later (and far more brain power from the Dualomo engineers than we can comprehend) and we have something we're actually stoked stoked on, the Dualomo x Bustin Boards HYBRID BOARD.


Tech Specs and Details