Bonsai (E)Core™ 29" 'Vault Cassette'
Bonsai (E)Core™ 29" 'Vault Cassette'
Bonsai (E)Core™ 29" 'Vault Cassette'
Bonsai (E)Core™ 29" 'Vault Cassette'
Bonsai (E)Core™ 29" 'Vault Cassette'
Bonsai (E)Core™ 29" 'Vault Cassette'
Bonsai (E)Core™ 29" 'Vault Cassette'
Bonsai (E)Core™ 29" 'Vault Cassette'
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Bonsai (E)Core™ 29" 'Vault Cassette'

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Bonsai: Complete w/ One off Vault graphic
Availability:  One
Small-Batch Made: Yes, only one.
Finish:  Hand painted/Sealed
Grip: Wood-Burn Logo + Laser Grip
Trucks: Bustin Matte Black Signature 129mm 
Wheels: 64mm Five-O Classics Clear/Green Mix

Bearings: Abec9


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Bonsai 29" (E)Core™
Plastic sucks, but a mini-cruiser is a quiver essential for riders worldwide.  Our Bonsai 29" is an apache helicopter chasing down your small change plastic boards.  Ultra light (E)Core™ construction wraps 3D concave and a fully functional tail.

Better Quality - The Bonsai is designed to push fast and push all day.  Unlike most cruisers that are mass-produced with cheap materials and components, our premium Bonsai is made with our (E)Core™ construction and built with only top-shelf components.

Better Feel - The (E)Core™ layup creates a snappy rebound from every push and while effortlessly carving and whipping through the city.  This amplifies the power of every push and every pump, and leads to less fatigue throughout your day.

Skate Design - We designed the Bonsai from a skateboard.  The tail and nose allow you to ollie high, while the wheelbase and concave will feel very familiar to those pushing popsicle sticks.  If you're a street/park skaters wanting a fast cruiser that will run larger wheels and whip through traffic, the Bonsai is a good choice.  


(E)Core™ Construction

After years of testing, we've created a LIGHTER, STRONGER skateboard with our new (E)Core™ construction process.  The new process melds skate-proven Canadian Maple with our proprietary, epoxy-based glues and reinforcement materials created in the Bustin Labs™.  In addition to being noticeable lighter, the new construction offers a more lively pop and that "brand-new board feel" for 4x longer than previous all-wood versions.
bonsai longboard ecore layup

Re-Design Overview
The latest edition Bonsai now also features our (E)Core™ construction.  Why add a composite core to a mini-cruiser?  Because it feels better and lasts longer.  And because we're tired of the notion that just because a skateboard is small it must also be a cheap piece of crap.  

bonsai skateboard side view


Bonsai Reviews

"I spent my first year of highschool on a Penny board until my friend picked up a Bonsai.  After riding it I realized the huge different between plastic and wood and I had to get one.  I finally got my custom Bonsai for Christmas and I will never go back.  You guys rule, thanks a bunch from Wild Wonderful West Virginia." Blake from Charleston, WV.

"I grew up a street skater but wanted to pick up a cruiser when I went to college.  I had seen several people in my town with Bustin longboards and I thought the Bonsai looked like a cool shape.  At first I didnt like the slight flex of the board, but it grew on me quickly and now I push faster than ever.  You can find me ripping around my campus and telling everyone about Bustin, thanks guys."  Austin from New Jersey

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