Bonsai Mini 'Capital'
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Bonsai Mini 'Capital'

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Bonsai Mini 'Capital'
Availability:  Limited Release
Small-Batch Made: Yes
Finish:  Signed, Dated & Sealed
Grip: Full Jessup Grip (applied)
Trucks:  129mm Bustin Signature Trucks
Compatible Wheels: 66mm Premier™ or 64mm Five-O™
Bonsai-Mini DNA

Over the years we've released a variety of mini skateboards from the 'Dime' to the 'Modela', but the most popular of them all was the 'Bonsai'. 

This holiday we created a #smallbatch version of the beloved shape that is smaller but maintains all of the same DNA of the cult-favorite Bonsai.  The new Bonsai Mini is easy stash and easy to thrash.

Push: ✯✯✯
Carve: ✯✯✯✯✯
Slide: ✯✯
Freestyle: ✯✯✯
Park: ✯✯
Downhill: ✯

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Limited Edition #SmallBatch Bonsai Mini 27"
Bonsai Mini breakdown

So many of you have asked us to make a true mini board, something you can stash in your locker and still shred like  your larger boards.  In response, we tasked the team to come up with a #smallbatch board that can do it all and remain small.

This is a limited run and not something we plan to do forever, but we wanted to be responsive to those of you who have been asking.  We made a couple hundred boards and when they are gone they are gone.  Have fun!