Bustin x Dickies™ 'Fall Shirt'
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Bustin x Dickies™ 'Fall Shirt'

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Bustin X Dickies™ Fall Shirt
Design:  Lightweight, Extra Durable Longsleeve
Over Protective: Rugged Protection for Fast Skateboarding
Breath Easy:  Moisture-Wicking High Performance Twill Material
Durability: Signature Dickies™ Quality Construction
Material:  Woven Polyester/Cotton Twill Performance Blend
Unbreakable:  Premium Melanine-Resin Buttons
Sizing:  Available S-XXL (slightly larger than average fit)


This is a new series we're doing exclusively with Dickies™ featuring small-batch runs of heavy duty gear designed to hold up better through all of your skate-everything adventures.  

The 'Fall Shirt' is the first piece in the collection and is designed to be a comfortable, lightweight shirt that keeps you protected through your progression, and through your falls.

We are producing only a limited supply of each piece so get yours before they are sold out.

Light + Protective

Designed as a longsleeve, heavy duty shirt to protect you while skating fast BUT with a lighter, moisture wicking construction that keeps you cool.

Dickies™ Quality

To us no other brand epitomizes rugged, overbuilt durability quite like Dickies.  Premium materials made with obsessive attention to detail.

Limited Release 'Strange 2020'

This collaboration is the first in a new series we're doing this fall called '2020 Strange'.  All production is small-batch, unusual and made to support our #SkateEverything philosophy.

Built To Skate

It's a comfortable, stylish shirt meant to protect you when you skate hard.  Plain and simple.

Dickies™ x Bustin

We chose Dickies™ because of their reputation for quality construction and classic style. The 'Fall Shirt' is overbuilt to up hold through all of your skating while keeping you comfortable in any condition.  Don't be afraid to fall, skate everything.