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Dualomo Hybrid S (green/silver)

Dualomo Hybrid S (green/silver)
Dualomo Hybrid S (green/silver)
Dualomo Hybrid S (green/silver)
Dualomo Hybrid S (green/silver)
Dualomo Hybrid S (green/silver)
Dualomo Hybrid S (green/silver)
Dualomo Hybrid S (green/silver)
Dualomo Hybrid S (green/silver) Dualomo Hybrid S (green/silver) Dualomo Hybrid S (green/silver) Dualomo Hybrid S (green/silver) Dualomo Hybrid S (green/silver) Dualomo Hybrid S (green/silver) Dualomo Hybrid S (green/silver)

Why you will love the Hybrid S
  • 25mph Top Speed.
  • 10-12 Mile Max Range.
  • 25% Grade Climbing.
  • ThermoGlass™ + (E)Core™ Sportster 35" Deck
  • Shaka'mote™ Bluetooth Remote w/ LCD Screen.
  • Push-Friendly, Whisper-Quiet Hub-Motors.
  • Samsung™ 22P 158.8Wh Premium Battery.
  • Paris™ Trucks w/ Custom Carve-Hard Bushing Setup.
  • American-made Five-O™ brand wheels.
  • Ceramic Bustin™ Built-In Bearings.
  • A riding experience unlike anything else.
  • Don't take it from us, Read The Reviews >>

Meet the Dualomo™ Hybrid, the world’s first electric board that pushes, carves & pumps more like a traditional board while ALSO offering a high-performance electric mode that rivals any e-board on the market.  

The Collaboration
When the Dualomo™ team initially approached us about collaborating on an electric skateboard we weren't interested.  "We push with our feet, not our thumbs," we said.
A few days later Bustin Boards founder, Ryan, woke up with a thought.  "The thing that sucks the most about electric skateboards is their lack of two things:  PUSH & PUMP.  What if we could add those elements to make it feel like a genuine Bustin push board, but power up hills like a high-performance electric board?"
We circled back with the Dualomo team and pitched the idea.  It's been nearly two years since that conversation and we could not be more stoked to be a part of the most fun, most addictive electric skateboard available.

The Process
After partnering with Dualomo, we rode every brand-name electric board on the market and were left bored time after time.  None of them gave us the thrill of skateboarding.  They were slow, stiff, heavy and unresponsive;  and generally made us feel like we were standing on the hood of a riding lawnmower (what's the point).  We had a vision for something that was more lively, more practical and, most importantly, felt more like the kind of skateboarding we were used to!
To create this we started with the deck.  We selected our Sportster board because of its easy push design and its hard-carving geometry.  We designed a custom version of the Sportster 35" using a mix of our ThermoGlass and (E)Core construction technologies.  The board features a hollow-core cavity which integrates with the custom case for a low-profile and durable ride.
Next we focused components.  We worked with Paris™ Truck Company to create a custom bushing setup made especially for this board.  To feel like a regular skateboard, we needed a truck kit that would carve and pump cleanly despite the extra weight added by the battery and motors.  Paris absolutely nailed it!
Next we worked on wheels and looked no further than our own USA-made Five-O™ urethane.  We selected a urethane formula similar to our Sniper-R race wheel because we wanted something that would roll fast and have a high grip and rebound for supreme carving and pumping.  
Our detail-obsession came full circle when finished with our a fan-favorite Ceramic Built-In Bearings, Laser-Cut Grip and a sexy, uber-durable ThermoGlass finish.  The result is truly a one-of-a-kind board that is as beautiful to ride as it is to look at!

The Specs
Deck Material:  ThermoGlass™ sandwiched Northeast American Maple with (E)Core™ composite core.
Deck Design:  Double-drop platform with slide in truck mounts.
Deck Dimensions:  35.5" Long x 10" Wide
Platform Drop:  0.7"
Concave: 0.63"
Trucks:  Paris™ V2 180mm 50˚
Wheels:  Five-O™ brand urethane, 81A Durometer, 90mm Diameter, 54mm Contact Patch, 46mm core.
Bearings:  Bustin™ Built-In Ceramic Bearings
Battery:  158.8Wh Samsung 22P (2p10s) with custom BMS.
Recharge:  1-2 hrs with 3A Fast Charger (included)
Remote:  Patent-pending Shaka-mote bluetooth controller with LCD screen.
Weight:  17 lbs.
Range:  Up to 10-12 miles (assumes 160lbs rider in G2 mode on smooth rode).
Top Speed:  Up to 25mph.  Speed will reduce slightly has voltage decreases.
Max Rider Weight:  ~300lbs.
Regenerative Braking:  Yes.
Slide Friendly:  Yes.
Airplane Friendly:  Yes.
Hill Climbing:  Up to 25% gradient in G4 mode.
Speeds:  4 Speed Setting (G1, G2, G3 & G4)
Braking:  4 Brake Levels (B1, B2, B3 & B4)

We are currently shipping the Dualomo worldwide.  Shipping within the lower 48 US states is a flat rate $10.  International shipping rates will vary by country.  Please see the checkout page for exact rates.



"Awesome ride! Gut-wrenching acceleration and battery that goes on for daaaays. You guys got it right! Thanks for the effort and attention to detail, I still can't wipe the grin off my face!"  
Joe - Fayetteville, NC

"I really love the Board and ride it everyday, I am at 250 Miles right now. You did a really amazing job and I am looking forward to new developments from your side." 
Antonio - Borsdorf, Germany

"The board is simply amazing. Very carvy and stable at high speeds. The board looks great and stylish as well, and I love that it comes with different color combos to choose from. I had fallen in love with my Hybrid-X and it's my main electric board that I use quite often than my other electric boards. I would definitely purchase again in the future." 
Chris - Elmhurst, NY

"You guys have gone beyond my expectations and I love riding my new board!"
Sky - Santa Cruz, CA

"The Dualomo board is amazing and was everything I expected it to be and beyond. I appreciate the hard work and dedication that everyone put into making the best board on the market right now. I can't wait to see what the company will do in the near future!" 
Jeremiah - Fontana, CA

"Insanely quick and is such a blast!
Anthony - La Mirada, CA

"This is made in the USA. And it's made by skaters. This is why you will get a great made product and the best experience. This doesn't look like any other boards. And when I at a park with 15 boards, mine gets the most people asking about it...because it's badass!"
Christopher - Charlotte, NC