Sportster Hybrid DIY Kit (for experienced e-board builders ONLY)
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Sportster Hybrid DIY Kit (for experienced e-board builders ONLY)

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Regular price:  $250.  Reserve now for $125 (additional $125 due on shipment).

We have a lot of respect for the DIY electric board community around the world and we understand more than ever how challenging is to build a great electric setup.  We're now offering up our eskate-friendly Sportster 35" deck for you, the garage wizards of soldering irons.  

Please note:  this board is for experience DIY e-board builders only.  It only includes the deck, the case and the hardware to attach the case.  It DOES NOT include any electronic parts, motors or batteries.  If you have never built your own electric skateboard, this product is probably NOT for you, sorry!

This deck is DIY-ready and includes (1) deck and (1) case.  The deck features a recessed hollowed core area for your battery and esc.  It also includes a CNC cut channel for running wires out to the trucks.  The case mounts securely into another CNC cut channel which helps keep out dirt and water.  The case is mounted using 16 allow socket-head screws (included).

The inside cavity can comfortably fit most ESC's + a 3P10S 18650 battery pack.  Some folks can fit a 4P10S pack, but it depends on the size of your ESC and wire-management.  We recommend building a cardboard prototype to test your setup using an inside cavity size of 5" wide x 19" long x 1" deep.

Deck Details
Length: 35.5"
Width:  10"
Wheelbase:  29-30"
Concave:  .63"
Construction:  Thermoglass x (E)Core
Hollow-Core:  Yes (5" wide x 19" long x 1" deep)
Case Construction:  NEW Fiber-reinforced Polycarbonate w/ Woodgrain Finish

Reservation Information
This year we're making sure that you don't miss out.  You can reserve your board from any of our production batches by paying 50% now, and 50% when it's ready to ship.  We'll contact you when your board is ready and provide an easy link to pay your remaining balance and have your board shipped out asap.