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Dualomo Hybrid-X+ Reserve Deposit

Dualomo Hybrid-X+ Reserve Deposit

Here is your chance to reserve your Hybrid X+ AND the special $1,099 deal price.  

How it works:

Step 1:  Pay $99 today to reserve your board and special price for the 2nd batch of Dualomo Hybrid X+ production (shipping in April 2019).

Step 2:  When the 2nd batch is ready to ship, you will only pay $1,000 to receive your complete Hybrid-X+ board (normally $1799). 

Step 3:  Sell your car, you won't need it anymore.


 For more information on the collaboration and full board specs, visit

Please note that all deposits are non-refundable.  By purchasing through the $99 deposit program you will be eligible to pay $1099 when the 2nd batch of boards is ready to ship in April.  Your $99 deposit WILL be applied to the total, meaning you will need to pay $1000 + shipping to receive your board in April.