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(E)Core™ Mystery Box - Single Complete

(E)Core™ Mystery Box - Single Complete

Short on funds?  Ready to skate everything?  Our Mystery Boxes are a great way to give yourself a surprise and pickup a rad deal.

How It Works:
The new (E)Core™ box allows you to pick up our latest and greatest designs made with our (E)Core™ construction.  When you pick up an (E)Core™ Complete Mystery Box we'll select one of our new (E)Core™ decks and set it up with a perfect combination of our premium trucks/wheels/bearings.   

Please note, we cannot offer refunds or returns on Mystery Box products.  The board you get will be selected from one of the (E)Core™ models on our site, but we cannot guarantee any particular model or construction type.

If you would like more certainty, try one of our Mystery Skate Everything Boxes or checkout the options in the Factory Store.