Factory Store - Thermoglass Daenseu 46"

Factory Store - Thermoglass Daenseu 46"

Dug out from the back corner of our warehouse, we have found the last few Thermoglass Daenseu's that we know of in existence! This classic board features cured fiberglass layers on the top and bottom plies making for an incredibly stiff, yet lively construction. A sublimated graphic designed to last as long as your sled does pairs up nicely with the life preserving FiveO Urethane bumpers on the nose and tail.

All in all this board is built to last while keeping the highest level of performance possible every time you take it our for a push!

 Paired with Caliber Trucks and Premier wheels, this set up is approved by the Bustin Crew to be a certified rip. 


Length:  46"

Width: 9.5"

Wheelbase: 30.0"-32.8"

Construction: - Thermoglass