Fresh Setup - Choose Your Style
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Fresh Setup - Choose Your Style

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Freshen Up Your Sled
In this box you receive ONE full component setup for your board.  You choose you're style of skating and we'll choose the right setup for you!  You will receive 1 set of trucks, 1 set of wheels, 1 set of bearings and a Skate Tool (About $200 worth of goods).

How It Works:
1)  You choose the style of skating you want.
2)  We choose the setup for you.
4)  We'll also throw in a Skate Tool.
5)  We'll ship it out to you fast anywhere in the world with our FedEx Express worldwide shipping.

Please note:  All Mystery Box packages come unassembled so that you can customize your two setups.  This also helps us give you the insane Mystery Box deals you love.  We also do not offer refunds or returns on Mystery Box products unless there is a warranty issue (in which case you are 100% covered just like ALL of our boards).  Again both of these measures are in place purely to give you a great deal on the Mystery Boxes.