Ibach 39 - Third Eye Graphic - Bustin Vault
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Ibach 39 - Third Eye Graphic - Bustin Vault

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The original Ibach 39 is a double drop board is ready for whatever you may throw at it. Featuring a drop-down-meets-drop-through design, this Ibach is extremely low and ready for not only distance skating but cruising as well. Pushing has never been easier, especially when you're so low to the ground. But being so low to the ground, the Ibach 39 gives you a ton of stability in this ride. The days of speed wobbles are over with the Bustin Ibach underneath you to give you a ton of confidence for any hill. Being both speed stiff and featuring a continuous concave that runs from end to end, the Bustin Ibach is ready for any and all styles of riding. 

• 39" Long
• 10” Wide
• 30 - 30.75" Wheelbase
• Double Drop
• Flatcave