Sportster Hybrid V3 - 'Planet Pines' Edition
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Sportster Hybrid V3 - 'Planet Pines' Edition

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Sportster Hybrid V3 - Planet Pines Edition
Small-Batch Made: Yes
Product Patent: Yes

Production Facility:  Maryland, USA
Grip: USA-Made Jessup™ (laser cut)
Trucks: R1 177mm Green/Black
Wheels: USA-Made Five-O™ Custom Grip Thane 81a Duro
Bearings: Customer Choice

Sportster Hybrid V3 Electric Board
Product Patent: Yes
Small-Batch Made: Yes
Current Lead Time: About 2 Months
Production Facility:  Maryland, USA
Grip: USA-Made Jessup™ (laser cut)
Trucks: Bustin R1 177mm 
Wheels: USA-Made Five-O™ 81a Duro
Bearings:  Customer Choice


Sportster Hybrid V3
New for v3
Full customization

We are stoked to now offer full customization on our Hybrid Boards. Take control of your design by customizing your graphic, case design, trucks, wheels and bearings.


Length: 35.5"
Width:  10"
Wheelbase:  29 - 29.8"
Concave:  .63"
Construction:  Thermoglass (E)Core™
Hollow-Core:  Yes
Trucks:  Bustin™ R1 177mm 50°
Five-O™ 90mm 81a
Five-O™ 100mm 81a
Bearings:  Choice

Top Speed:
Up to 30mph 

Up to 18-20 miles 

Up to 30% Grade 

(Please note:  speed, range & climb estimates vary based on rider and environmental factors)

324Wh Samsung 30QT-6

Motors: Dualomo Push-Friendly, Whisper-Quiet Hubs

Remote:  Bluetooth Shaka'mote™ V2 

3A Charger

Warranty:  6 months full parts and labor
Case Update:  NEW Fiber-reinforced Polycarbonate
Bluetooth Update:  Updated 2.4Ghz Dualomo™ Module

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Hybrid Customer Reviews

You've made an amazing product!  Thank you!

Chris Herrera, Pleasant Gap, PA

Awesome ride and a battery that goes for days.  You guys got it right!

Joe Salinas, Fayetteville, NC

Great e-board! I love cranking passed cars in 4th gear!

Lance Ferguson, Dallas, TX

Ride to work every day!  So much faster and more fun than my car!

Jon Motz, Vienna, VA

This board has gone beyond my expectations and I love it riding it every day!

Sky Weir, Santa Cruz, CA

The most amazing board I've ridden.  I've got a Boosted and Evolve, but this is my #1"

Dimitar Hadjikocev, Sofia, Bulgaria

From short hops to long rides, this board can really do it all!

Dakota Ward, Northeast, MD

Really really fun!  It's just like snowboarding up and down the streets!

Michal Riabic, Martin, Slovakia

Rides smooth like butter.

Nicholis Camacho, Bronx, NY

Super fun and so responsive!

Eduardo Tejada, Bronx, NY

So happy with the board! My rides on the Hybrid are smooth, safe and fun!

Marat Xaviar, Paris, France

I hate how loud most electric board motors are. The Hybrid is quieter than my laptop and looks better!

Alec Foster, Brooklyn, NY

Hands down one of the best purchases I've ever made!  I love it!

Andrew Kelley, Bethany Beach, DE

What a completely new riding experience... it completely fills the void when I can't snowboard!

David Whittemore, Groveland, MA

You guys rock and the board is amazing! Over 200 miles ridden so far in Colorado and we love it!

John Cronin, Breckenridge, CO

The power and mileage is crazy! It feels like you're carving on a snowboard.

Matej Luznik, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Plenty of torque to get up those ever lasting hills in Switzerland!

Felix Foster, Daellikon, Switzerland

I'm 240 lbs and this board gets up right and goes for me! I really enjoy the Hybrid!

Rob Crawford, Smithfield, NC

Beast board! Beast power! Beast customer support!

Joao Silva, Dublin, Ireland

Awesome product from a fab company who overdelivers on promises.

Sam Smith, Berkshire, UK

Fast up hills and smooth carves! The Hybrid is everything I have been hoping for!

Thomas Echlund, Deerfield Beach, FL

I love the Hybrid so much and take it with me everywhere I go!

Charlie Arnold, Salida, CO

You guys are f*cking awesome, and these boards are as dope as they come. I love my board!

Lidia Whipple, Vail, CO

The dedication and commitment to quality is definitely felt!

Danaka Day, Chicago, IL

I love the ability to push like a traditional longboard or unleash the power of the motors!

Gregory Randall, Reno, NV

Probably the greatest product I have ever owned!

Aaron Straus, New York, NY

Absolutely love it and it has opened up a whole new area of my town to explore.

Kevin Buerkle, Conshohocken, PA

Best electric board ever, period.

Thane Kelly, Juneau, AK

Awesome board! Gets where I need to go daily and never disappoints!

Christian Florido, El Segundo, CA

I live in a city with lots of hills, and this carries me up and down like a tank! So stable and fast!

Igor Zlochevsky, Haifa, Isreal

The hybrid is awesome and better than expected.

Tim Zuelli, Schweiz, Switzerland

Amazing product and amazing customer service!

Stefano Calgaro, Thiene, Italy

Every aspect is meticulously designed.  This board sets the bar very high in the e-board industry.

Frank Ritacco, Manahawkin, NJ

Awesome board!  Awesome company! Great customer service!

Jordon Cox, Virginia Beach, VA

Amazing board! Love the ability to push with little to no resistance!

Christopher Price, Dorchester, MA

Amazingly fast and powerful!

Wesley Fukagawa, Cupertino, CA

Love the board and how long the battery lasts!

Chung Wong, New York, NY

It makes every road a downhill run! Very impressed with the fit and finish, and build quality.

James Bartram, Catlettsburg, KY

Simply amazing.  Very carvy, stable at high speeds and beautiful to look at!

Chris Lupo, Elmhurst, NY

I used the board every day.  Awesome power, amazing range, incredibly stable.  I love it!

Renaud Lourgouilloux, Nantes, France