Trilogy Bushing Kit
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Trilogy Bushing Kit

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Bustin Trilogy Bushing Kit (full set for 2 trucks)
Design:  2 Barrel + 1 Short (per truck)
Hardness: Five-O™ Urethane (4 barrel 91a + 2 short 71a)
Washer:  Grade 8 Steel
Compatibility:  Bustin R1, Paris V3 50°, Caliber RKP 44° & 50°, Gullwing Charger, Randal RII and other RKP trucks.
Purpose:  Enhance most RKP trucks to carve harder while maintaining supreme stability and dampen vibrations.
Made in the USA

Lil' Bag of surf

We spent most of 2020 developing our Five-O™ Trilogy Bushings to find the perfect ratio of surf-to-stability. We wanted ONE bushing that leaned super hard when we wanted, but didn't throw us off with wobble at higher speeds.

We finally achieved it with two 91a USA-made barrel bushings under a unique third bushing/washer combo design. The two barrels give you just enough high-rebound play while the third keeps you softly on the rails.

3 Bushings > 2 Bushings

The unique Trilogy setup features three bushings instead of two, including (2) high rebound Five-O™ 91A Clear Barrel Bushings and (1) softer 71A Black Short Bushing over the topside flat washer.  Swap them onto most RKP trucks for an snowboard-like carving experience.

More Lean, Less Shake

The triptych combo of bushings creates a smoother, silkier and more stable carving experience for any longboard or electric board.  The softer top bushing also absorbs road vibration to create a smoother ride on heavier boards like the Hybrid Electric.