2018 NoBach (E)Core™ Gear Guide

2018 NoBach (E)Core™ Gear Guide

After much thought and debate, the design team here at Bustin knew it was time to combine some beloved board concepts into one mega machine. The purpose would be that this board would encompass as many of the things we loved about our previous models the Ibach and the Nomad as possible. Thusly, the love child of these two models was born and christened The NoBach. 

This newly introduced shape combines the commute crushing capability of the Nomad with the fun and lively attributes of the Ibach to make an instant favorite for the Bustin Crew. Rather than having to pick between functionality and performance, this new creation gives its rider the best of both worlds wherever Thy Daily Push may take you.

Check out a quick overview of this new edition to our (E)Core™ lineup so you can decide whether or not this is the right sled for your upcoming personal shred missions. The NoBach is available for Full Customization or from one of our many Limited Edition designs so don't sleep on your chance to whip around an instant classic as far as Team Bustin is concerned.. 

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