What’s the difference between your bearings? What’s ABEC?

– ABEC (Annular Bearing Engineering Committee) rating is basically the precision level the bearing is manufactured at. Abec ratings go from 1 to 9. 1 is the lowest, 9 is the highest. 

– Abec 7 bearings: High precision bearings. More than functional for use in skateboards. Can handle high speeds with no problems. 

– Abec 9 bearings: the highest precision bearings possible to make. Machined to make the lowest vibrations possible. Can handle the highest speeds of any Abec rated bearing. This higher quality makes them longer lasting as well. 

– Abec 9 Built-In Bearings: Highest quality bearings made combined with precision spacers built into the bearing. Because of the precision spacer built in you can crank the nuts on your axle all the way down securing the bearing from any movement or wiggle, while still allowing the bearing to spin freely without interference. Perfect for slides and high speeds. This style of bearing is the most efficient way to attach your wheels to your trucks. 

– 6 Ball Built-In Bearings: These bearings are designed to handle heavy impacts. Normal bearings heave 8 balls inside the steel ring. Bearings with 6 balls have larger stronger balls that will have a longer life, if you are doing tricks with heavy impacts such as jumping down stairs. Combined with Precision built in spacers that will align your bearings/wheels perfectly with your truck axel. 

– Ceramic Built-in Bearings: Ceramic bearings are stronger, longer lasting, and have a higher tolerance for heat than normal Steel bearings. Ceramic bearings also resist corrosion better than steel bearings.

How much flex do your boards have?

Bustin Boards uses a 1-10 level flex rating. 

Maestro Flex Level-

Sportster Flex Level-

YoFace Flex Level-

Shrike Flex Level-

Bonsai Flex Level-

Daenseu Flex Level- 8

How long does it take for Bustin to build a custom order?

– It Depends! Anywhere from a day or two for boards that are already printed and just need to be built, like our Elements series, up to a week for anything that requires painting/additional clear-coating/printing or any other special treatment. Custom Hybrids can take up to a week to ship as well

Are your electric boards waterproof?

The Electric boards are somewhat water resistant, but they are not waterproof. IF water gets inside the wheel motor or battery pack, the board can malfunction. Don't ride these in the rain or through puddles. Warranties do not cover water damage.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes we do! International shipping starts around $60. If you have a concern about shipping to your country, email Skate@bustinboards.com . All international orders are subject to additional duties and taxes

Can you print something on a board that isn’t on your website?

Sometimes we have old graphics laying around or can tweak something we already make. We cannot do custom graphics that you email to us.

Does Bustin have a brick and mortar store?

NO, Currently Bustin does not have a brick and mortar store. Hopefully in the future we will have one again, but the warehouse fire has delayed this project.

What’s the weight limit on your boards?

350 pounds or 160 kilos

Where’s the board I ordered? Kind of seems like a long time to wait…

Yep, we get it, but beauty takes time! All of our boards are hand painted,  printed, and assembled in our east coast workshop, and depending on the season it can take up to a week to get your board ready to go. When it comes to Hybrids, the production time can be up to a few weeks.

Where can I buy a replacement remote for my Hybrid?

We sell replacement remotes and chargers on the Bustin Boards website in the “Hybrid Accessories” section under the “Hybrid E-Boards” menu.

Can I buy just a single component (battery/motor set/hardware) for my Hybrid?

Yes, we sell all the parts associated with your electric board as long as we have them in stock. Send an email to Skate@bustinboards.com to get a quote.

I don’t like what I bought. Can I return it?

Sure! As long as you haven’t ridden or used it, we accept returns within 30 days for a full refund (minus the cost of shipping)

Does my board come to me assembled?

Our boards ship assembled by default, but if you’d like us to ship it unassembled, just send us a message after you place the order and let us know!

I’m a beginner, what board should I get?

Our boards are great for beginners and experienced skaters alike, but it all depends on what you want to do! We usually recommend starting out with the Maestro or Sportster if you just want to cruise, or the Yoface if you’re looking to break out some tricks with any air.

Will Bustin Boards sponsor me? Can I be on the team?

Maybe! You can contact royce@bustinboards.com for info on sponsorships and the Bustin team

Can I work for Bustin Boards?

Maybe! We do hire from time to time, and if you’re local to the western/central Maryland area, we can always use seasonal help building boards in the spring and summer. If you’re looking for a career, you can email your resume to support@bustinboards.com