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Daenseu Complete Board

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Daenseu Complete Board

Daenseu Complete Board

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Our push-friendly dance board, the Daenseu has a slim cut that shaves weight to make popping tricks easier. The slightly shorter wheelbase makes it easier to push and springier for all your dance moves.

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  • 30-day returns
  • Handbuilt in USA

Product Details

Daenseu 42" Small-Batch
Availability:  Limited Release
Small-Batch Made: Yes (3-4 days to ship)
Finish:  Signed, Dated & Sealed
Grip: Engraved Logo + Laser Grip
Trucks: Caliber™ Satin Black 180mm
Wheels: Premier Forumula™ 66mm 80a

Tech specs

  • Length 42.2"
  • Width 8.75"
  • Nose and Tail 4.2" - 5.8"
  • Concave 0.66"
  • Total Drop --
  • Thickness 7/16"
  • Grip Wood-Burn Logo + Laser Grip
  • Trucks Bustin R1™ 177mm
  • Wheels Premier Formula™ 70mm 80a

Shipping & Returns

We have a production lead-time of 3-5 days. Made and shipped from our local factory at Maryland. If you are not satisfied with your product, we offer a 30-day return policy on unused products (the skateboard must be unridden and in brand-new condition)


Bustin Boards stands behind each and every one of our products, and we offer an extended warranty in each of our top quality components.

Standard Maple Boards: 90 days

  • Wheels: 180 days
  • Bearings: 180 days
  • Trucks: 180 days
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Daenseu Performance

The fourth edition of our dance/freestyle friendly board, the Daenseu is here in a lean, mean, 'skate-everything' machine form. The latest PUSH-friendly edition is a leaner, meaner 42-inch update with sexier curves and more tail than any dancer we've made. The NEW Daenseu is an ultra durable dancer board that's lighter, thinner and stronger than ever, with more pop than a karaoke bar.

  • Push

    full shrike
  • Freestyle

  • Carve

    full Shrike
  • Park

  • Slide

  • Downhill

Built by hand in the USA

Since 2001 we've been hand-crafting skateboards in the USA. Our Hybrid-Electric boards are hand crafted, wired, programmed and assembled by our Maryland-based production team. Ask any other electric brand where they make their boards.... but you already know.

  • Lighter + stronger

    With our new (T)Core™ construction, the latest Daenseu deck is nearly half the weight of some previous editions. This means a higher-flying, swifter-pushing magic-carpet for wherever your adventures take place.

  • Push friendly

    In keeping with it's Bustin DNA, we've improved the push capability of the Daenseu with weight reducing (E)Core™ construction and new push-flex camber within a subtle micro-drop and rockered platform.

  • 42 inches small

    Despite its larger overall span, the new Daenseu will surprise you with its agility through tight paths and more traditional skate tricks. An (T)Core™ layup that virtually dances on it's own plus larger, more pronounced kicktails and an ultra comfortable 28.8" to 31.7" wheelbase.

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