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Skate Everything™ 'Pandemic' Hoodie

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Skate Everything™ 'Pandemic' Hoodie

Skate Everything™ 'Pandemic' Hoodie

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Bustin Signature Pandemic Hoodie
Design:  Over-sized features, over-built for over-protection
Oversized Hood: Extra face and neck coverage
Lengthened Sleeves:  Germaphobe-approved
Durability: Overbuilt for the abusive skateboarder
Material:  Durable outer, extra heavy-duty drawstrings and grommets.
Sizing:  Available S-XXL (slightly larger than average fit)
Material:  70% ring-spun cotton, 30% polyester

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  • See all, touch nothing

    Extended cuffs and thumbholes mean you will never touch a door handle again.

  • Quarantine Your Face

    Over-lapping, over-sized neck wraps you up and keeps you under cover.

  • Clean & Classy

    The best styles are subtle styles.  Matte black with minimal logo and color effects.

  • Protect Your Neck

    The oversized neck helps camouflage your own safety mask or bandana underneath.

  • Comfort Under Push

    Stretchable side material allows for fluid movement and comfort while skating.

  • Over-Built Everything

    Oversized grommets and drawstrings plus double-stiched seams made for the abusive skater.


An over-sized, incognito hoodie to help you push through strange times.  Extended cuffs with thumbholes and an over-sized face design help keep you under wraps.  Over-built with heavy duty materials to withstand a true skate-everything lifestyle and designed with a flat-black minimalist design profile.

Small-Batch release available for a limited time.  Be safe out there Bustin Fam!

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