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Skate Everything™ 'One' Backpack

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Skate Everything™ 'One' Backpack

Skate Everything™ 'One' Backpack

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Bustin Signature Skate Everything Bag
Design:  Expandable Roll-Top
Weatherproof: Fully Water-Resistant, Quick-Dry Material
Outside Material:  Military-grade Tarpaulin Fabric
Durability: Overbuilt for the abusive skateboarder
Side Pocket:  Fits Nalgene 1-Liter Bottle

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For all who push

We set out to build a bag that fit our #skateeverything lifestyle.  It had to be insanely durable, fully weather-proof and naturally stylish. Most importantly, it had to hold ALL of our boards (sometimes more than one).

After more than a year of designing, prototyping and testing, it is here... and it is better than we could have ever imagined.

Two sizes

The Skate-Everything Bag now comes in two purpose-driven sizes.  Our standard 30L version is an all-purpose backpack that can handle your daily haul and pack full for your globe-trotting adventures. 

The new, smaller 20L version shares ALL of the same features, but is designed to be more compact. It will still hold ALL of your boards, but is a smaller, lighter, more manageable bag for smaller riders and day travel.

Earth proof

Whether you're skating in the city, or hiking to the top of a mountain this bag will keep your stuff dry and protected in any condition.  The roll-top design and water-proof zippers seal up your goods, while the military-grade Tarpauline material naturally repels water and dries quickly.

  • Unbreakable Hardware

    We tested plastic buckles and found they did not hold up to the abuse of the New York skateboarder.  Our metal buckles and double-stitched military-grade straps assure that this is not your average bag.

  • Weatherproof Design

    It's not unheard of for us to skate in the rain (or even the snow), but we use this bag on and off the board.  In any case, we wanted our stuff to stay dry so we used premium, weather-proof material and zippers that keep water out and dries fast.

  • Clean & Classy Since 2001

    If you ride our boards you know that design means a lot to us.  We believe that form and function can live together in harmony.  For our second bag, we wanted a design that was simple and recognizable, but not overbearing with obnoxious logos and colors.

  • Pack it all

    The roll-top design allowed us to create a normal size back with a very large carrying capacity.  Roll it down tight for your light-load, daily travels or pack it up for your globe-trotting adventures.  When fully expanded the back can hold 12 size-large zip hoodies!

  • Inside board holder

    The bag is designed to carry two boards, one on the outside and one on the inside.  The inside holder is ideal for heavier board such e-boards and snowboards, but can also fit most skateboards and longboards.

  • Side-access

    The side-access zipper allows you to easily grab your laptop, ipad or anything else in the bag without unrolling the top and unpacking all your stuff.  This is really convenient for the city skater who wants to carry all their stuff, but have quick access to their essentials.

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