Newest 2023 Models

Hybrid-Electric Boards

PUSH & POWER // Meet the world's first remote-powered skateboard that pushes, carves and shreds like a traditional board.

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New Mystery Boxes

You choose your model, and we’ll choose your graphic. Save 50% on all models, and for the first time ever – including hybrids!

Mystery box inventory is limited and will sell out, so don't sleep.

Like carving through the city on a snowboard

Hybrid Electric Skateboards

Hybrids are electric skateboards that feel like regular skateboards (imagine that). Push it like a traditional skateboard if you want, or power up hills and carve on any road with an electric boost. You’ll never want to go inside again.

  • "What a completely new riding experience... it completely fills the void when I can't snowboard!"

    David Whittemore
    Groveland, MA
  • “I have literally skated everything, but the gravity-defying power of the Hybrid boards is a feeling you will NEVER get over.”

    William Royce
    Bustin Pro Skater
  • “This board changed my daily life and I'm addicted to riding it to work each day. Thanks guys!”

    Doug Morgan
    Wilmington, NC
  • “I have ridden Bustin for years and was skeptical of electric boards at first. However, this board feels so much like my other longboards with the added benefit of powerful motors.”

    Tom Lingg
    Los Angeles, CA

Limited release

Introducing our all-new, pro-edition push decks

Now available in two premium shredworthy constructions and a variety of new graphics.

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Decades of craftsmanship

Founded in 2001 in a garage, our rider-developed boards have been refined over decades for perfect carving, sliding, freestyling, and cruising.