2018 Shrike (E)Core™ Gear Guide

2018 Shrike (E)Core™ Gear Guide

Weighing in as perhaps the single most versatile skateboard in our line up, the new and improved 2018 Shrike (E)Core™ is now ready to stand up to any shredding you can dish out. Whether you are looking to get gnarly down that mountain pass, get your freestyle on in the city, or just mob around your local concrete jungle, this board is sure to inspire a fun filled session! 

Check out the quick Gear Guide to brush up on some of the finer details pertaining to this sled and then decide if it is the missing piece for your own personal quiver!



Team Bustin Suggested Set up:

-Trucks: Caliber 180mm

-Wheels: FiveO 70mm Snipers 

-Bearings: Bustin 6Balls

Toti riding the Bustin Shrike longboard skateboard



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