2019 YoFace 37" Gear Guide

2019 YoFace 37" Gear Guide

Our quest to Skate Everything never ends. We are always searching for ways that we can get four wheels down on any and all surfaces with out sacrificing any of the performance aspects we will need along the way. Well, we certainly are not calling off the search but we are for sure a lot closer on our Skate Everything mission with the latest soft Small Batch release of the YoFace 37"

 Combining a classic double kick shape with a few technical twists, this board is just as comfortable during the commute as the actual session. This is thanks in part to a very mild rocker running between the bolts which serves as a multi-purpose design feature. This subtle aspect helps lock you in during slides and when pushing yet is mild enough that it will not interfere with your pop tricks. 

Also coming equipped with the classic YoFace family design of wheel wells and matching wheel flares, this board is made specifically to accommodate multiple truck and urethane options. Everyone's skating is unique so having a board that was customizable with a wide range of components was a must. Even without a riser, TKP trucks will easily be able to facilitate 60mm-66mm wheels while TKP trucks will allow comfortable clearance for up to 70mm wheels. 


 To get your very own YoFace 37", go holler at your local shop and ask them to get you one or hit up BustinBoards.com! We are super amped on how this board turned out and can't wait for y'all to try it out too!


Recommended Set-Ups:

Street Style

Trucks: Independent 169mm 

Wheels: FiveO Classics

Bearings: Bustin Abec9's



Trucks: Caliber II's 

Wheels: Bustin Swifts 70mm

Bearings: Bustin 6Ball Built-in's







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