9/11 Survivor, Skateboarder, Amazing Human Being

9/11 Survivor, Skateboarder, Amazing Human Being

By our standards, Steven Shaw is probably the coolest person living in New York City as we speak. A 60-year old 9/11 survivor turned skateboarder, Steven is an inspiration and this is just a snippet of his incredible story.

We ran into him early one morning pushing around Harlem on a vintage Spliff board. He told us he started and ended every day with a four mile push around his neighborhood near 190th street in Hudson Park. Ryan, inspired by his energy and passion, decided to push up to 190th street and join him on his morning ride.

From there we learned about his incredible story as a 9/11 survivor turned skateboarder turned lover of life. Bad things happen in the world and there is no guarantee for tomorrow, but every day is your chance to LIVE. Take it from Steven. #forallwhopush

PS. If you ever want to experience one of NYC's longest downhill runs with Steven (24 blocks connected by an elevator that takes you back to the top --- for real), hit up Steven, he'd love to skate with you (https://www.facebook.com/steven.shaw....)


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