Best Winter Board

Best Winter Board

Several people have asked us what the best board is for winter pushing?  To answer the question we convened the crew and are sharing our results with you here.  

Answer:  Sportster 35" (E)Core™ (25% off for a limited time with code 'pushthru')

Reason #1:  Low Platform Pushing - its cold, so presumably you're wearing more layers and are less flexible.  The low platform on the Sportster keeps you close the road, so you don't have to stretch and bend quite as much to get a strong push.  

Reason #2:  Big Wheels - the Sportster can comfortably rock large wheels (up to 90mm depending on your truck/bushing setup).  Big wheels are really useful in the winter when you need to navigate around and over gnarly, salt-abused streets.  

Reason #3:  No Tails - we understand that some of you really like a tail on your board, we get it.  But in the depths of a cold NYC winter, we'd gladly trade off the tail for a leaner, lighter board that is easier to maneuver and easier to carry.

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