Bustin Boards X Key Brewing: Speed Wobbles Rd. II

Bustin Boards X Key Brewing: Speed Wobbles Rd. II

Exactly one week ago, the second batch of perhaps the tastiest skate inspired nectar was canned and prepped for distribution throughout Maryland and into Southern Pennsylvania as well as Northern Virginia. The brew is called "Speed Wobbles" and promises to bring all the exhilaration the name implies to any who are lucky enough to crack open a can. We teamed up with the brew masters at Key Brewing to collaborate on this Eazy IPA designed for all the summer time sessions you can throw at it. Even after only a week, many package stores are beginning to experience the most unique case of postpartum depression which can only be induced by the feeling of knowing that this limited edition beverage is starting to sell out...again. 


For Round Two, we wanted to do something even more special than just helping to link relaxing feels with shredding thrills which is why we are amped to introduce the Bustin Boards Golden Ticket concept. Its incredibly simple, all you have to do is buy a case of canned Speed Wobbles from your favorite vendor and then check each can to check to see if the Bustin Boards marker (pictured below) is placed beneath your label! If you find 1 of the 10 hidden tickets, you are qualified to win a laser etched Bustin X Key Brewing Speed Wobbles collector sled for FREE! 

Bustin Boards X Key Brewing Speed Wobbles Beer

Each of the 10 winning cans will have a unique coupon code located underneath the can that can be redeemed at they Key X Bustin page to claim your prize. Supply is very limited as is the distribution so go ahead and call your local corner store or hit up the brewery directly so you can make sure to stock up on "Just the Shimmy, Not the Shake"! 




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