Bustin Boards X Key Brewing: Speedwobbles

Bustin Boards X Key Brewing: Speedwobbles

Just about a week ago, the Bustin Crew took a field trip away from our normal residence at HQ to go visit the homies down at Key Brewing Co. This is a local craft brewery that has really began to make a splash in the Maryland beer scene by releasing quite a few watering hole favorites already since they began in 2015. After hanging out a few times, it quickly became evident that Bustin and Key were compatible brands who both focus on small batch, custom products to offer their respective fan bases. With this in mind, a collaboration was born that will combine Key's quality and brewing expertise with Bustin Crew's knowledge on essential components to a successful "Shredventure". The results have been dubbed Speed Wobbles, a S.K.A.T.E. IPA that you can ride with all day!

Key Brewing in Dundalk Maryland
We went down to the brewery to actually watch the process of the birth of the first of three varieties that is planned for Speed Wobbles to be released in. Brewing beer is an art, much like skateboarding is, to where minor tweaks and adjustments can completely alter the style and presentation of an individuals brain child which only further stoked us out to begin experimenting with beer rather than just boards! 

Bustin Crew at Key Brewery in Dundalk Maryland

Speed Wobbles is slated to be an easy drinking companion style IPA that will keep you refreshed throughout those long summer sessions. We along with our brewing brethren wanted to present y'all with an opportunity to experience all the adrenaline and thrills associated with ridding out a case of the wobbles by giving you "Just the Shimey, Not the Shake". 

Canning is tentatively set for April 2nd (subject to change) with launch party details being ironed out as we speak. Stay tuned for the full distribution expectations as well as those release details on what promises to be your go to lurker ale the whole summer long. 

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