Bustin Street Crew Trick Tips: Dolphin Flip & The Tre Bomb

Bustin Street Crew Trick Tips: Dolphin Flip & The Tre Bomb

It ain't easy bein' steezy so thats why we have implored the help of some of the top members of the Bustin Street Crew to share the knowledge they have acquired over the years to help you learn some of their personal favorite tricks!

Kyle Layton and Rob Werner are two New Jersey rippers who seriously take skateboarding not serious while keeping things focused on fun. They have whipped up a couple Trick Tip Tutorials that will help you learn a few new moves to take to your local streets or skate park!

To start out with, the homies have highlighted their personal favorite tricks but there will be many more videos coming hot off the presses soon. Kyle chose to break down his nearly flawless TreFlip while Robert wanted to help y'all ride the wave of the Dolphin Flip and also explore the influences these aquatic creatures have had in skateboarding culture. Check out each of the videos below before heading over to the Bustin Factory Store to grab the exact sleds that these dudes are riding and ripping day to day! 

Tre Flip:

Dolphin Flip:


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