Cam Jones- Summer in The City

Cam Jones- Summer in The City

No matter who you are, if you're a skateboarder, somewhere inside of you lives a dream of mobbing through the endless blocks of NYC in search of the next skate spot that is sure to lie just around the next corner. Our homie Cam Jones has had his own version of these shared dreams for a while now, but this summer he was actually able to put some motion behind his aspirations and hit The Big Apple with his fellow Bustin Teammates as his guides.

Cam's unique approach to Skate Everything is clearly evident after skating with him for even a short time. The way he see's the world around him and how he manifests motion out of his skateboard to blend into these surroundings is solely his personal artistic interpretation. Sit back and watch Cam take The Shrike, his non-traditional double kick of choice, up and down The City streets combining all the skill sets from the various disciplines of skating into a style he can call his own. 

Film/Edit: Clark Patrick

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  • KP

    Congrats to both of you dudes from nalbany.

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