Spring Slammed

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The art of skateboarding has evolved into a multi facetted form of self expression that really caters to any individuals approach. There are however, those certain individuals who just seem to comprehend all the minor nuances between the varies genres of skating which allows them to articulate a very all around skating style. This is the premise of Skate Everything and our new homie Cam Jones fits this bill to a tee.

No matter where the session is going down, you can all but bet Cam will be there and that he will be throwing down in his unique style. Whether its freeriding his Shrike, or tre bombing his BoomBox, nothing but top level skating is to be expected from this shredder at every session no matter the discipline.  Check out a Welcome to the Family edit of Cam put together by fellow Team Bustin member Clark Patrick to help you get to know our newest rider a little better!



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