Central Park Relay Race

Central Park Relay Race

Central Park Relay Race RECAP

During the first month of the New Year we hosted an event in central park. Planning to kick off the start of a new decade with a BANG. Skaters from each borough came to participate in this push race event to support the Alienated brand and to support the movement to keep the culture alive.


I got to ask Loy about how the idea of a relay race and he was more then happy to give some background about himself. Also fill us in on his Alienated Brand. 

"Hello to all , I’m Loy Feliciano with Alienated NYC . I’m a local Brooklyn skateboarder , i grew up skating the traditional short board and later evolved into the Longboarding scene. I’ve been skateboarding for ten years now and as an east coast long boarder I’ve lived through the rise and fall of the longboard community. Now I’m here to bring it back , and we at Alienated are here to bring back the longboard scene in New York City. Our kick off in the community being behind our very first Central Park relay race that was taken place on the 1/22/2020 . With the first month of the New Year already blasting off with events we plan to keep that consistency and show the whole world that we are out here despite us being different in disciplines as far as skateboarding // mass media attention (short boards) //  Alienated NYC IS HERE to show everyone despite your different skating styles we’re here to just kick it and have a sesh whether you’re a casual pusher or a hard core rail skater. As for what we hold in the near future is nothing but fun filled events. Having goods like limited quantity hand printed apparel and soft goods. So excited for the New Year. "

- Loy Feliciano

 Special Thanks to:   @unclefunkysboards  x  @skateeverythingschool


 Full Video of Central Park push race

Words: O'Neal "Yaak" Ellerbe
Location: Central Park, Great Hill 
Host: Alienated NYC / Leon Vincent-Vialva


1. Always wear protective gear.
2. Skateboarding is Therapeutic.
3. Central Park is the perfect place to meet skaters, if your living in New York or visiting.
4.Central Park events will be happening once a month.



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