Electric Boards that feel like normal Skateboards.

Electric Boards that feel like normal Skateboards.

Electric Skateboards Made For Actual Skaters

At Bustin, we are dedicated to providing the best electric skateboards that feel as close as possible to our conventional push boards. While other electric skateboard manufacturers are trying to construct the most powerful and costly boards, we want to blend the lines between electric and conventional.

We don’t want to stand on a “go-cart” to move around; we want you to feel like you're skating as you carve along the road. That is why we use boards such as the sportster. A longboard we all know and love for its quality and agility. You get the authentic skateboard feel combined with the low platform designed to maximise push if you are ever low on battery. 

We've built our Hybrid YoFace to Ollie, grind, and manual all the way to your destination. We tested out grinds and board slides so you don't have to worry. Our battery cases are strong and ready to handle tricks just like a normal board. 

Our electric boards are designed for heavy-duty use — they were built to be used and abused. Our boards are durable and are not toys. 

We know that electric skateboards will not ever be as light and simple to ride as regular skateboards, so our goal is to create e-boards that are as smooth to ride as your regular ones. That means when you let off the power and just cruise it's easy to forget that you still have a battery under your feet. 

Your first time on an electric board should be simple and seamless. When boards include suspension and alternative platforms, it no longer feels like skating. At some point electric skateboards might evolve into something else and thats ok. We will still be focused on making Hybrid boards that continue to blur the line between power and push. 
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