Featured PushMore Reps

Featured PushMore Reps

Our Push More Rep Program started out as just an idea and a goal to help real skaters around the world take ownership for growing their local communities by giving them tools to make it possible. This is, and always will be the sole purpose of the program and we believe that with the help of the #PushMoreArmy, our community can benefit as the gift of skating is shared organically. 

As the program continues to grow, we are amped to see more and more of you choosing to Push More with us! The overall diversity of skating being done by our Reps is amazing in its self and truly embodies the Skate Everything mentality which is so deeply ingrained into Bustin Boards. Since this whole thing started on the foundation of supporting real day-to-day skaters, we wanted to introduce some of those individuals who have signed up to help us spread the stoke so you'll know who to look for if you're ever out skating in their neighborhood. 


Owen Hopper: (@oh.ween)

Owen is an avid skateboarder who will show up to any session no matter where its going down. Whether he be throwing down huge heelside standies, or pumping around Reed Menzer Memorial Skatepark, Owen is sure to be having fun and amping up anyone he is with. If you're ever in the York, PA area be on the lookout for him and his crew mobbing around some of the best the town has to offer.

The Shrike skated by Owen in York PA

Tyler Platz: (@wisconsinlongboarding)

When you think of Wisconsin, you probably don't think of skateboarding but after Tyler signed up for the program, thats all we think about when the state is referenced. From quick swervey bike paths to neighborhood rips, this guys is out year round and really makes his home turf look super appealing for a rip. If you ever find your self out in the midwest and need to get out of the car for a little while, hopefully you can find this guy and some of the spots he has identified throughout his neck of the woods. 

Wisconsin Bustin Push More Reps longboarding

Salvador de la Torre: (@salvador_de_la_torre)

From hosting radical community oriented events, to hooking up his homies who are in need of an upgrade, Salvador is the definition of what a Push More Rep was intended to be. Coming from Guadalajara Mexico means homie has access to some gnarly roads to really hone in his downhill game. The personal progression is evident to anyone who is watching, but knowing that he is helping progress his local scene is what its all about. Give homie a follow to stay up on when his next event is going down because from the looks of them, it could be well worth the trip.

Salvador riding in Mexico

Mike Mayhew: (@eastcoastmayhem_yc)

Mike is a super OG YOKE CREW General who has been skating nearly his entire life. Although he has recently relocated away from Yoke Country out to be in the glorious Sierra Nevada Mountain range, there is nothing but Beast Coast grit in this dudes game. From burly mountain passes, to getting after it on the local transition at the skate park, Mike has the skill set to Skate Everything and uses it often. His time in the scene has given him wisdom on event hosting as well as instruction for newer riders which he willingly dishes out to anyone who will listen. If you are out West Coastin' be on the lookout for this dread but you also never know when he just may pop up back at one of the summer East Coast events you're attending as well. Oh yeah, did we mention he won Giants Head last year??

Mike Mayhew at Giants Head 2017 Winner

Kyle Layton: (@cookiesugarsocks)

Kyle rips. The fact that he is so talented on his skateboard however is not the sole attribute that makes him such a great community figure in and around New Jersey where he calls home. Kyle understands skateboarding at a very deep level and which often times leads him to be Captain Stoke Up the Crew when a session is needed. Always open and willing to dish out tips or just say whats up at the park, if you run into this guy in Jersey or at any of the East Coast competitions he frequents, you should at least ask him where the nearest WaWa is for some post sesh fuel. 

Kyle riding a Bustin Street Deck in Syracuse DIY

Jaap van der Sterran: (@district16boardshop)

Jaap is one of our Regional Reps and also a Program Leader. He was one of the first to sign up for the program and continues to Push More whenever the weather permits. Living in The Netherlands has greatly influenced his approach to skating which combines the flow needed to navigate the endless Dutchie bike paths with a far more technical trick inspired style. If he isn't studying for one of his school exams, you can find him roaming around the country, linking up with homies for whatever session is going down. When Jaap has his skateboard, you'll never see him not smiling so make sure you plan a stop in The Netherlands during your next EuroTrip to say whats up. Also, Jaap is the man to ask for Stroop Waffle, which if you know, then you know...

Jaap skating Daenseu 44 in Baltimore








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