February in Flo-Rida

February in Flo-Rida

For most parts of the United States, February means survival from the frigid air temperatures rather than days full of care free skating. Florida is an exception from this. The 28 (sometimes 29) days associated with this month should be renamed "Paradise" for anyone within the Sunshine State's borders. Perfect temperatures paired with an explosion of perfect skate parks makes for easy livin' for any traveling skater.

Earlier this month a few members of Team Bustin were these exact travelers, all of us making our way down south to the winter time east coast skate mecca. Some flew while others slept in the van down the I-95 corridor except for the "as frequent as possible" skate park stretch breaks. However we each individually got there, all paths lead to St. Petersburg which was the host of the first stop on the Grind For Life contest series. 

A brand new Team Pain Park was absolutely ripped apart by what can only be estimated as "hundreds" of skaters from near and far. All the proceeds from the day will be used to aid in the research and fighting of cancer which really added depth and meaning behind the day. Big ups to all the event organizers, sponsors, and volunteers who helped get the Grind For Life series started off right! 

Also Big Ups to our two homies Ian and Jacsen for both taking 2nd place in their divisions!! 

Although this was only a quick weekend hit, it was maximized with as much skating as possible. We easily filled our 48 window in Flo-Rida with damn near 20 hours of solid board time. We each got to cross some "Must Hits" off our lists after visiting both the legendary S.P.O.T. , as well as one of the most iconic natural brick quarter pipes in the world. This is not even to mention the many, many world class skate parks that laid between our scheduled hits that we were able to stop at as well. All in all, I think it is safe to say that Florida did not disappoint.  

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