Free Bonsai Mini Special ( Expired )

Free Bonsai Mini Special ( Expired )

We're in the final stretch of holiday and have decided to do something a little different for the next promo.  We set aside a limited amount of unreleased 2020 Bonsai Mini decks and are giving them away FREE with any order over $150.  The offer lasts only as long as the decks we designated for this offer so get your order in soon.

Also, some have asked about donating their boards to charity.  We LOVE this idea, but we're going to leave it up to you.  If you don't need the board and would prefer to donate it to a student at the Chill Foundation, just shoot us an email after placing your order and we'll take care of it (and credit your karma account).

All free decks are mystery colors and graphics, and are ungripped.  Unless you instruct us to donate it, we'll ship your deck automatically with whatever else you order.  The offer began at 1:30pm on Wednesday, December 11th and we'll make an announcement when it concludes.

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